Achieving Delivery Precision at Scale

Building supplies delivery is a delicate balancing act that requires precision in both planning and execution at scale. DispatchTrack can help.
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The right goods, to the right place, at the right time. Every time.

Your customers are counting on you to keep their job sites on schedule. 

DispatchTrack enables you to gain total clarity into your last mile, so you can identify the right goods to load onto the right trucks at the right times to delivery within precise time windows. 

“When you work with a partner like DispatchTrack that can truly make our associates’ lives easier at the local level while also pleasing the customer, that’s a win-win situation.”

Cut through the chaos with DispatchTrack

Our solution is designed to help building supplies distributors ensure efficient deliveries. 

Next generation routing Flexible routes generated, simulated, and optimized in seconds
Digitized from end to end All last mile workflows, capabilities, and data in one digital solution
B2C delivery experience Bespoke communications, real-time visibility, and comprehensive services for your customers

Ensure precise deliveries

DispatchTrack helps building supplies distributors handle last-minute delivery requests and get more out of their capacity. We help delight your customers by enabling closer coordination with their busy job site schedules. 

  • Expanded mixed fleet delivery with internal and 3rd party options
  • Next Day/Same day designation for urgent deliveries
  • Flexible customer scheduling based on driver availability, vehicle type, capacity, and service.

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Gain end-to-end last mile visibility

From order to delivery, we help provide every member of your team digital workflows, intuitive interfaces, and step by step functionality for each phase of the last mile journey and beyond. 

  • Get paid faster with instant digitized proof of delivery
  • Complete audit trail and chain of custody for all orders at your fingertips to enhance loss prevention
  • Single-source-of-truth for the entire last mile team

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Delight your customers

Delivery expectations are high and your customers demand more than ever—that's where DispatchTrack helps you deliver.

  • Configurable, automated customer communications before, during, and after the delivery
  •  Real-time delivery tracking and digital documentation for your customers
  • Smarter exceptions management through DispatchTrack’s real-time visibility dashboard

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Easy to use and implement

Many solutions in the last mile market have user interfaces and experiences that are quite old-- and it shows. With last mile delivery increasing in speed and complexity, give your team easy and intuitive interactions with the technology

  • Lightweight implementation with a comprehensive deployment playbook
  • Intuitive and modern UI/UX requires minimal training
  • Rapid adjustments to delivery plans with notifications to team members

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Dealing with last mile chaos in the building supplies industry? We’re here to help.

Learn how you can quickly and easily implement DispatchTrack:

  • Straightforward integration with ERP and other solutions
  • Guided change management
  • Ongoing customer success support