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DispatchTrack Enters Agriculture Market With Centerra Co-op Partnership

Leverages AI to optimize delivery of feed and fuel and maximizing utilization of assets and drivers; Provides customers with better communication and tracking

Centerra Co-op partnership

DispatchTrack, the leading solution provider of right-time delivery management software, today announced that it was selected by Centerra Co-op, an Ashland, Ohio-based agricultural co-op that provides feed, grain, fuel, and other farm supplies, to optimize route planning and truck usage and provide customers with more visibility into their order deliveries. This customer win marks DispatchTrack’s first foray into the agricultural sector, which brings unique routing challenges resulting from the mix of products and variety of unit measures these retailers deliver.

DispatchTrack’s AI-powered hybrid routing enables Centerra to factor in a variety of routing considerations, including the need for different types of feed in separate compartments, in addition to addressing loading and volume challenges to ensure that each truckload is optimized. The DispatchTrack solution also assists in predicting recurring orders, allowing Centerra to create plans for those orders, send customer notifications, and make dynamic daily adjustments to routing as needed.

“We thought we were fully utilizing our assets and planning our routes very efficiently. With the implementation of DispatchTrack we quickly realized that there were many opportunities to improve our operations," said Todd Willeke, SVP of Retail and Logistics at Centerra. "DispatchTrack gives us greater visibility, enabling us to optimize loads on each truck and use all of our existing capacity. Within weeks of implementing DispatchTrack, we saw a substantial increase in profitability simply by becoming more efficient with our current fleet of trucks and drivers."

With the initial implementation of DispatchTrack, Centerra is seeing an almost immediate return on its investment because it is able to complete more deliveries of animal feed and birdseed each day. Using DispatchTrack’s routing technology has allowed Centerra to deliver more gallons of propane per day while driving less miles on each route. Due to the success of this early rollout, Centerra hopes to use DispatchTrack in the future to manage the delivery of grain, fertilizer, and liquid fuels as well.

"Companies serving agricultural businesses have long relied on manual processes and spreadsheets to assess delivery volumes and schedules. But these arcane methods result in inefficiencies and wasted time and money," said Satish Natarajan, DispatchTrack co-founder and CEO. "We are honored to be selected by Centerra as a trusted technology partner who can understand their challenges and make a material impact on its operations."

About DispatchTrack

DispatchTrack is the leading solution provider of right-time delivery management software, helping top brands around the globe power successful deliveries 180 million times a year. Since 2010, DispatchTrack’s scalable SaaS platform has made delivery organizations more connected, agile, and intelligent using highly-configurable capabilities designed to empower better delivery management from end to end. Our proprietary AI-powered routing algorithm ensures 98% ETA accuracy in last mile deliveries, and we’re constantly innovating to improve performance and better serve our 2,000+ customers, including Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola, Ashley, Ferguson Enterprises, and many others. When businesses make promises to their customers—DispatchTrack makes sure they deliver.

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