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DispatchTrack Acquires Beetrack and Expands Operations in Latin America

Strengthens company’s global footprint with the addition of more than 850 customers across 20 countries in Latin America

DispatchTrack Beetrack acquisition

DispatchTrack, a global last mile logistics software-as-a-service leader that powers positive, predictable, and visible experiences for shippers, drivers, and recipients, today announced the purchase of Beetrack, the Latin American leader in logistics software. The acquisition will expand DispatchTrack's global footprint with the addition of more than 850 customers across 20 countries in Latin America including Chile, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

DispatchTrack was founded in 2010 and received $144M in a first round of growth equity funding in May 2020 from Spectrum Equity. The company powers over 60 million deliveries every year for thousands of customers globally. Its state-of-the-art SaaS platform simplifies complex last mile deliveries and service operations for major B2B and B2C brands and their delivery partners so they can provide high-touch, frictionless, and delightful delivery experiences to their customers.

DispatchTrack serves leading global brands across a broad range of industries including retail, CPG, furniture and appliance, construction, grocery, restaurants, food and beverage, and third-party-logistics firms (3PLs). Its robust platform and proprietary hybrid routing algorithm automatically and dynamically determines the optimal delivery route and truck loads, and provides end-to-end delivery tracking — from the moment an item leaves the warehouse to the moment it is delivered or installed at its destination. With DispatchTrack, retailers and delivery companies can give their customers the ability to self-schedule a convenient delivery window, receive proactive real-time updates about the shipment’s progress, and experience true predictability and visibility every step of the way.

“Beetrack is well-known and well-regarded for its leadership in last mile logistics for the Latin American market. With incredible technology, customer growth, and momentum, Beetrack powers deliveries for top brands across the region. This acquisition represents a massive expansion and market opportunity for DispatchTrack in this fast-growing geography,” said Satish Natarajan, DispatchTrack co-founder and CEO. “We share the same commitment to delivering stellar innovation and new efficiencies to brands, and a superior delivery experience to their customers. Sebastian Ojeda, Beetrack’s CEO, and the leadership team bring invaluable domain expertise to DispatchTrack. We’re thrilled to welcome Beetrack’s team and customers and look forward to ongoing growth and success together.”

Beetrack is headquartered in Santiago, Chile with offices in Mexico, Peru, and Colombia, offering innovative logistics technology for optimal route planning, traceability, and control of last mile deliveries. The company’s revenues, operations and customer base have grown rapidly since its inception. Beetrack now has over 100 employees and manages more than 55,000 deliveries per hour for leading brands including Walmart, Coca Cola, and Cencosud.

“DispatchTrack has developed the most impactful and scalable last mile delivery solution on the market. We have a very like-minded approach to today's extremely complex last mile logistics challenges with highly complementary technologies,” said Sebastian Ojeda, Beetrack’s CEO. “We’re proud to be joining DispatchTrack’s team and excited to provide Beetrack customers with added functionality and efficiencies so they can better serve their customers.”

About DispatchTrack

DispatchTrack is the leading provider of state-of-the-art high-tech software solutions for high-touch last mile deliveries. Since its founding in 2010, DispatchTrack has partnered with leading brands to make even the most complex deliveries predictable and visible while enabling seamless positive experiences in the last mile for shippers, drivers, and recipients alike. DispatchTrack’s SaaS platform simplifies scheduling for both shippers and customers, determines the best delivery route and load for each truck, tracks each shipment at every step of the way, and keeps everyone, including customers, proactively informed on the shipment’s progress. Our real-time engine turns the unpredictable into automated, fully-optimized events. From the warehouse to that “wow” moment for recipients, DispatchTrack delivers delight more than 180 million times a year.

About Beetrack

Beetrack is a provider of technology solutions designed to provide the best delivery experience. The company was born in Santiago de Chile in 2013 with the purpose of improving the quality of the dispatch service and shipments of its clients, and thus be able to deliver with them, moments of happiness to final consumers, reducing their uncertainty and increasing their satisfaction with the post-purchase experience.The company develops innovative products for optimal route planning, traceability and control of last-mile deliveries. The planning and monitoring software developed by Beetrack allows optimizing all the distribution logistics of the companies. Today, Beetrack monitors over 55,000 shipments per hour and its client portfolio is made up of more than 850 companies, in more than 20 countries in the world.

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