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Delivery Management for Modern Logistics Operators

Pro Tips on Better Delivery Management

When we say delivery management, people may be confused about what we mean; are we talking about managing deliverables in a project or the process of transporting goods from a source of supply to a designated destination? Actually, both concepts co-exist. However, here we will be concentrating on distribution, shipment, and dispatching of goods in this article.

Modern logistics management

Let's start with delivery definition in business. Delivery is the process of transporting goods under a sales contract, which is tendered to and received by the buyer.

The process starts with receiving an order and then continues with the operation. It involves quite a bit of planning, tracking, and problem-solving. Problem-solving is mainly for routing problems, delayed shipments, and safety issues.

There are many people involved with this flow, some of which are managers. The titles may vary from delivery, dispatch manager to logistics manager. They manage delivery, warehouse, drivers, operations, and their core function, and work, revolve around improving the whole process.

Delivery management is not only about transferring goods from one place to another; it's transferring goods from one place to another on time, in a cost-effective manner, safely and with high customer satisfaction. In other words, there are four major factors in delivery management that need to be fulfilled, and these are:

  • High Customer Service Level
  • On-time Delivery
  • Cost-effective Delivery
  • Safety

In order to improve your operations, you have to work on each of these factors. If you can utilize the technology and have good tools like routing optimization, planning, and tracking tools, you will be able to cut waste from your costs, plan time management more efficiently. As a result, you will have better insight, control and win even more happy customers.

We covered some information about delivery management here. However, if you would like to also know about delivery terminology, then check out the Q&A section below.


1. What is the meaning of delivery?

It's the act of transporting goods from one location to another. On the last mile, usually means from a retailer, or eCommerce store to a buyer, usually at the customer's home.

2. What do you call a delivery person?

A delivery person can be called; delivery man, shipper, helper, transporter, or a courier.

3. What is meant by delivery of goods?

Voluntary transfer of goods from one person, company, or entity to another.

4. What is delivery note?

It's a document that goes along with shipment indicating the description, unit, and quantity of the goods. It can also be called a dispatch note.

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