Customer Communication

Easily Connect with Customers via Email, Text, or Call

In food distribution, proven predictability and transparency with your customers gives you a competitive advantage. And it all stems from clear and well-timed communication.

We Have Tools to Keep Your Customers Informed:

  • One Tap Customer Updates via Text, or Call for Drivers
  • An Automated 24 HR Pre-Delivery Reminder Call
  • Multiple Ways to Connect with Customers
  • Tracking Widget to let Customers Check Their Order's Progress
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Good Communication Costs Time.
Great Communication is Priceless.

We’ve made talking with customers a fundamental part of our software.

Customers expect instant communication about their deliveries. Given that there are so many modes of communication, each buyer has a preference for how they would like to be contacted. Our system simplifies this often messy and time-eating process.

For the client to have a good experience, every time, they need definitive proof of when to expect their delivery. That's what our Tracking Widget does (see Order Tracking and Visibility); it’s sent through a text or email that links right to your website. Once they enter their number, they can see the truck icon on a map with a live ETA time that updates before their eyes.

If you think about how valuable buyer relationships are to your business, it means everything to the health of your accounts and your reputation to be on the same page.


“I like partnering with DispatchTrack because they are constantly looking at ways to improve the client experience.”


CEO, Hudson’s Furniture

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