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A wholesale distributor that is delivering food, wine & spirits or jan-san supplies to other businesses such as restaurants or stores is handling a sensitive business-to-business transaction. In these industries, the customer depends on the delivery in order to run their business smoothly that day. Generally, there are long-term relationships with the customer having regularly scheduled appointments to deliver the merchandise. Therefore the stakes are high. Any issues with the delivery or any other customer satisfaction issue can result in a loss of a long-term account.

As it is, the supply chain is a complex process involving multiple parties and hand-off points. On top of that, There are regulations and compliance requirements that need to be met. Bringing predictability to the customer about their deliveries can be challenging. The relatively unpredictable and complex environment makes predictability for customers hard to ensure, especially while being cost conscious. However, it can be a significant competitive advantage for the supplier when done right.


“DispatchTrack allows us to get delivery problems resolved much quicker!”

— Trey Smith

Vice President, Ivan Smith

As the leader of a wholesale distribution delivery organization, the following are some of the top challenges that need to be addressed through good technology:
  • Route optimization to minimize fuel and labor costs, while honoring prior customer commitments.

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  • Accurate ETA’s and predictability.

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  • Real-time Visibility and Tracking.

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  • Customer Communication.

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  • Protect From False Liabilities with Proof of Delivery.

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  • Compliance and Regulation.

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