Driver Management

Driver Management

Consumer service businesses’ success heavily depends on the quality of the driver’s work. The drivers are the point of contact for your customers representing your organization. Therefore, their attitude, behavior on the road and at the customer’s place makes a world of difference in customer experience. They need to be mindful drivers on the road to keep the produce in good condition, and they need to be punctual with the customer's time window. And, it is a proven fact that there is a dearth of mindful and good drivers. Therefore, you want to know who are your good drivers are, to be able to acknowledge them. On the other hand, if there are certain habits of drivers that need to be corrected, you should have a way of capturing it, measuring it and improving it.

In consumer service deliveries, a driver is not only responsible for driving the truck or handling the expensive merchandise, but they are also highly responsible for customer satisfaction. When your drivers are on the road their driving habits, particularly bad driving habits can be a liability for you. You want to be able to track bad driving habits such as speeding, harsh braking, hard acceleration, and harsh cornering so that you can train them to become better drivers before accidents happen. If your drivers do not follow rules or have unsafe driving habits, you are in for a rude shock and penalties.

In order to run a well-oiled consumer service organization, you need proper metrics to measure every aspect of your driver’s work, from their driving behavior and merchandise handling to their customer management. What you measure is what you can improve.

Engine On/Off
Hard Braking
Harsh Cornering

The experience that your customer gets at each touchpoint adds to their satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Good drivers can be a great asset to the delivery organization as they are the ones delivering the much awaited merchandise to the customer and how the customer perceives this experience can lead to customer success. Therefore, your driver can create the needed experience with on time delivery and the interaction with the customer and has possibility of upselling through them. But how do you know who are your good drivers?

In addition to impacting the customer experience is the regulatory compliance of the drivers in terms of Hours of Service mandated by FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.Your drivers are responsible for a host of activities in the value chain The drivers are responsible for safe driving on the road, fuel efficiency, vehicle upkeep, collecting proof of delivery, reporting on discrepancies if any in a timely way, collecting and documenting the feedback from customers and updating the operations team on the status of the delivery, etc.

You need proper metrics to measure every aspect of your driver’s work, from their driving behavior and merchandise handling to their customer management. What you measure is what you can improve.


Drivers in trucking industry are in short supply, especially the good ones. With more options available, you find many are preferring jobs that ensure they are back home the same day and hence it is difficult to find drivers for the long distance deliveries and the more stringent norms imposed on the drivers by the Government.

We have seen the huge responsibility that rests on the driver and the effectiveness of the organization depends a lot on the performance of the driver. While there are lot of activities to be handled by the driver, driving is the prime focus and you need to find a way to ensure all other activities are easy to manage and not need too much of the driver’s intervention. This is possible only with integrated digitally connected system that automates many of the activities and provides needed guidance and support to the driver.

DispatchTrack solution takes care of the Driver Management and manages all your problems while you drive customer success in your organization. Our solution has a way of alerting the drivers on the road if the speed limit is exceeding the prescribed or, fuels is not being used efficiently, etc. to name a few. When you are able to differentiate the good drivers from the bad, you can find ways to incentivize furthering good habits and also ensure that training or other measures be provided to improve the bad habits. With hand held devices that are integrated with the dashboard of the delivery organization, driver management is simple and effective. DispatchTrack solution ensures that the paper work and other laborious tasks are taken off from the driver while the system provides the needed updates in real time.


“Accuracy, accountability, coaching opportunity and performance improvements are all enhanced with DispatchTrack.”

— Norman Alegria

Director Guest Care, The Dufresne Group


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