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Consumer service companies that do business directly with consumers such as Party planning companies, pool services, or porta-potty delivery organizations handle a sensitive business-to-consumer transaction. In these industries, the customer depends on the delivery in order to run their activities smoothly that day. Companies need accurate proof of delivery and remove false liabilities in order to keep costs low, and the business running smooth. Generally, businesses are built on trust, however, when working directly with consumers, trust is very thin. Any issues with the delivery or any other customer satisfaction issue can result in a loss quickly.

As it is, costs are already high with competition trying to grab your customers with various facilities and increasing regulatory requirements adding to the challenges.


“ DispatchTrack is more than just fleet management, it’s customer satisfaction management. It’s been a game changer.”

— Tony Mitchell

General Manager, American Furniture Warehouse

As a consumer service or delivery organization, following are some of the top challenges that need to be addressed through good technology: