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DispatchTrack Launches a Vertical Solution for Food Distributors

Key features empower food distributors to better manage distribution center to hub shuttle routes and strategically plan routes more quickly; Also includes an easy-to-use application for sales reps for customer follow-ups, delivery validation, and more


DispatchTrack for Food Distribution

Campbell, CA – February 5, 2024 – DispatchTrack, the global leader in last mile delivery solutions, today announced further expansion into the food distribution market with the launch of an industry vertical solution, DispatchTrack for Food Distribution. The new comprehensive solution is designed to meet all of the delivery requirements of the industry’s last mile – all within a single SaaS solution.

Last mile delivery for foodservice distributors is uniquely complex given the need to balance new and recurring orders, first and middle mile shuttles, and routes that are planned in advance or re-routed daily, all while managing operational costs. DispatchTrack for Food Distribution solves these unique needs of distributors and enables them to plan and execute their last mile logistics in a smarter and more profitable way.

At the heart of the solution is a Strategic Planning capability that enables route engineers to optimize the whole week based on frequency—factoring in customer time windows, service times, capacity, and more—and automatically export the finished results as daily route plans.  There’s also the ability to offer visibility into hours of service (HOS) via ELD to identify driver availability and features to automate driver start and arrival notifications to keep the customer informed. 

Additionally, DispatchTrack manages post-delivery backhaul pickups based on optimized return routes, real time capacity, and driver availability. Customer sales representatives are also provided with a separate application that enables customer follow-up, delivery validation, and the ability to align with customers on future orders and schedules.

DispatchTrack for Food Distribution is fast to implement, with a modern and intuitive UI/UX, and an evolving product roadmap that provides new capabilities for an industry in a constant state of evolution.

“The food industry has long grappled with delivery challenges that are unique to the industry and complex. However, the manual systems that distributors have always relied on just can’t keep up with today’s speed of business and market growth. For distributors to stay competitive, digital transformation is now simply mission critical but we also know making strategic investments in new systems can be expensive and significantly drain limited resources,” said Satish Natarajan, DispatchTrack co-founder and CEO. “We understand the industry and take it all into account. DispatchTrack for Food Distribution is very easy to implement and use while also being highly cost-efficient.”

Learn more about DispatchTrack for Food Distribution here.

About DispatchTrack

DispatchTrack is the global leader in last mile delivery solutions, helping top brands around the globe power successful deliveries 1 million times a day. Since 2010, DispatchTrack’s scalable SaaS platform has made delivery organizations more connected, agile, and intelligent using highly configurable capabilities designed to empower better delivery management from end to end. Our proprietary AI-powered routing algorithm ensures 98% ETA accuracy in last mile deliveries, and we’re constantly innovating to improve performance and better serve our 2,500+ global customers, including Walmart, Coca-Cola, Ashley, Ferguson Enterprises, Cargill, McCain Foods, and many others. When businesses make promises to their customers—DispatchTrack makes sure they deliver. 

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