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DispatchTrack Named a Finalist for the 2021 Accenture Freight & Logistics Innovator Award for North America

DispatchTrack’s Solution Recognized for Its Cutting-Edge Last Mile Optimization and Customer Delivery Experience Capabilities

Accenture Award

DispatchTrack, the leading provider of elevated customer experience and end-to-end optimization in last mile logistics, today announced that it has been named as one of just six finalists for this year’s Accenture Freight & Logistics Innovator Award for North America. The contest aims to recognize emerging technology and innovative solutions in the global supply chain, and DispatchTrack’s inclusion in this selective list of finalists highlights its status as a last mile logistics software solution with major disruptive force and considerable growth potential within the realm of supply chain logistics.

DispatchTrack Accenture Award

Having been hand-selected and invited to apply for the Innovator Award in April 2021, DispatchTrack submitted its solution for consideration. The company sought to highlight the innovative nature of its comprehensive last mile logistics optimization capabilities, specifically:

  • DispatchTrack’s cloud-based, AI-powered route optimization engine, which is constantly learning about how different products, services, companies, regions, industries, drivers, and other factors impact delivery times. This enables the system to generate ETAs with 98% accuracy, enabling retailers to keep their promises to customers.
  • The platform’s robust customer communication tools—including customer self-scheduling capabilities, pre-routing and route-started notifications, real-time order tracking, and much more—which make it possible for DispatchTrack users to provide elevated, best-in-class customer delivery experiences.
  • The driver mobile app, real-time visibility dashboard, order integration capabilities, billing and settlement automation, extensive reporting functionality, and more. This depth and breadth of features is what enables DispatchTrack’s solution to truly cover the last mile from end-to-end.

In the final round of judgement, DispatchTrack aimed to convey not just its comprehensive platform features, but its potential to provide value in the larger logistics market and its opportunities for growth and scale throughout the globe. Luckily, with over a million last mile delivery trucks and vans in the U.S. alone, and many millions globally, DispatchTrack’s target addressable market is potentially more than $15B.

“We’re extremely excited about this opportunity, and we’d like to thank Accenture for naming us as a finalist,” said DispatchTrack CEO and Founder Satish Natarajan. “When we first came on the last mile delivery scene ten years ago, there was an obvious, industry-wide need for the kind of visibility and optimization capabilities that DispatchTrack provides. Since then, last mile logistics has changed a lot—but the basic need for a comprehensive, easy-to-use, innovative optimization platform has stayed the same. We hope that as finalists for this award we can bring greater attention to that need while showing off everything that makes DispatchTrack unique in the last mile market.”

This year’s award competition took place virtually on 5/13, with DispatchTrack and five other logistics technology companies presenting short videos and taking questions from a panel of judges. You can find DispatchTrack’s video presentation here.

About DispatchTrack:

DispatchTrack is the complete customer delivery experience and last mile logistics optimization platform. Since its founding in 2010, DispatchTrack has empowered thousands of customers across multiple industries—furniture and appliance, food and beverage distribution, building supplies, third party logistics, and many others—to plan and manage all last mile touchpoints with flexible, easy-to-use features. Our end-to-end, AI-powered, SaaS-based platform helps users automatically route and schedule deliveries, communicate with end customers, and track the entire last mile in real time. The result is streamlined last mile operations and elevated customer delivery experiences for more than 60 million deliveries each year. For more information, visit our website at dispatchtrack.com, or contact us directly at 1-866-437-3573 or sales@dispatchtrack.com.

For press inquiries, email brian@dispatchtrack.com