Free Software Updates

DispatchTrack is a multi-tenant SaaS application. We are committed to keeping up with the changing industry needs and technology advances. Our engineering team is constantly updating the software and these updates are pushed to you for free. There are add-on paid features as well that increase the capability of your software to solve newer business problems.

As you use DispatchTrack, we want you to be assured that you have access to the most cutting-edge technology. What more, we welcome enhancement request suggestions as well. When one of your suggestions is determined as relevant to the entire DispatchTrack community, and advance the software it will be considered to be included into our product development roadmap.

24 x 7 Technical Support

Our customer support team is distinctly different and our customers tell us regularly that one of the key reasons they like to work with DispatchTrack is because of our customer service organization.

As you use DispatchTrack, when you run into any question or issue, just call us or email us. You will not be put through nested menus, or automated online systems. Call us old-fashioned, but when you contact us, you will work with a real person who will dedicate themselves to your business need until the issue is resolved and questions answered. If needed they use online tools to view your screen and look at the issues as you show them, so that they can resolve them quickly. Our customer service team is well integrated with our product and engineering teams, so they get the backing and support of the entire organization to help you with your business need.

Our motto is – “it’s not just customer satisfaction, we aim for customer success”. We know you are using DispatchTrack to solve a real business need. So, it’s not sufficient that you just talk to a polite person, it’s important that your business need is satisfied and the issue is resolved.

Tel: 1-866-437 3573 x 2

Product Training

DispatchTrack software has a lot of features and is highly configurable. We understand that you need training. We provide live online training specifically for your team. Even here, we think old-fashioned is better. You don’t need to sit in a class with other companies, or go through a video and play with the software yourself. You can actually take training from an experienced instructor who will tailor the training for your company’s needs. It’s all done online so that you are not incurring expensive travel costs.

In addition to training when you first start using the software, we also offer a refresher training every six months so that you can make sure you are using all the latest and greatest features, and your organization, with any changes in staffing is well-versed with the software.

Tel: 1-866-437 3573 x 1

Solution Implementation

Implementing a software solution that achieves business intelligence requires you to have it fully integrated with your business processes and integrate with your existing software. When you work with DispatchTrack, we will provide you with resources to rollout a successful solution. Our solution implementers are experienced business process analysts who are able to connect your business needs with DispatchTrack solution kit, to configure it correctly to achieve your business goals.

Tel: 1-866-437 3573 x 1

left-quote DispatchTrack has brought our delivery and services
departments closer than ever.

— David Baer

Vice President, Baer’s Furniture