DispatchTrack's Green Logistics Capabilities Are Proven to Power More Eco-Friendly Deliveries

DispatchTrack’s solution is built to give you control of your deliveries from end-to-end—especially when it comes to your CO2 emissions.

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Green logistics solution

Going green is going to be increasingly crucial to building trust, and you need a trusted partner with a history of helping companies decrease their carbon emissions.

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Our route optimization engine offers green delivery options that optimize for the shortest possible routes between delivery stops, saving delivery organizations an average of 10% of their CO2 emissions per route.

At the same time, our route planning and customer communication capabilities ensure accurate ETAs and informed customers, resulting in greater efficiency and fewer highly resource-intensive failed deliveries. The result is that you can double down on netzero commitments and shrink your carbon footprint with confidence.

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Cut Carbon Emissions

The biggest contributor to emissions in the last mile is fuel consumption—which means every mile driven makes an impact. Our AI-powered route optimization algorithm factors in customer requests, driver skill, service time expectations, and much more to create optimal route plans.

  • Drive 10% fewer miles
  • Reduce your fuel usage
  • Achieve 98% ETA accuracy
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Reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions

Increase First Attempt Delivery Success

Failed deliveries have the impact of doubling miles driven—and thus fuel consumption—for a given order. That’s why DispatchTrack gives customers the ability to track their orders in real time and communicate directly with the delivery drivers and dispatchers.

  • Reduce missed deliveries
  • Decrease re-delivery attempts
  • Cut out unnecessary emissions
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Customer delivery communication

Decrease Waste Through Enhanced Visibility and Emissions Tracking

When you can see your delivery operations at a glance, you can make smarter decisions in record time. This is especially true when it comes to sustainability efforts—which is why DispatchTrack solution is designed to provide real-time visibility from end to end via smart technology integrations and scalable SaaS software.

  • Reduce wastage
  • Avoid damaging goods
  • Shrink your inventory footprint
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Easily Track Your Carbon Footprint Over Time

With all your data in one place, you can leverage comprehensive reporting on fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, and wastage to gain new business intelligence and improve your green fulfillment execution over time. DispatchTrack’s robust reporting options make it easy to track fuel consumption and pinpoint potential areas for reducing your carbon footprint. With configurable reports, you can easily drill down to the data that speaks to your green logistics goals and leverage our powerful platform to find new ways to cut CO2 emissions.

  • Visualize CO2 per stop
  • Track carbon emissions by route
  • Get greener over time
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Delivery carbon footprint tracking

DispatchTrack lets you take control of your deliveries

But don’t take our word for it. Check out what some of our customers have to say about our solutions.

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"DispatchTrack has revolutionized our delivery experience, reduced costs and made us more sustainable by reducing the amount of miles and fuel we use.”

Graeme Wilson

Managing Director at Vision Logistics

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When you make sustainability commitments, DispatchTrack makes sure you keep them. Talk to an advisor about how DispatchTrack can help transform your delivery operations.

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