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Uplift Your Brand with DispatchTrack's Real-Time Delivery Tracking

At DispatchTrack, we know that making and keeping promises is the secret to customer happiness. That’s why we’ve built a platform that goes beyond simple delivery tracking to ensure strategic visibility and provide complete clarity and control over your deliveries at every step of the process.

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DispatchTrack's real-time delivery tracking software

You work hard to keep your delivery promises—we help you turn those promises into customer trust.

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Provide Real-Time Visibility to your Customers

Customers can see every detail of their deliveries in real time from the comfort of their own devices. Everything from up-to-the-minute ETAs to order information to driver bios is just a click away. You’re working hard to fulfill your promises—this lets customers see that for themselves.

  • Let customers track deliveries from a live portal
  • Automate delivery notifications
  • Decrease where's-my-order calls
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Customer receiving a delivery notification

Make Failed Deliveries a Thing of the Past

When your customers can see the truck location and ETA for their deliveries in real time, they’re much more likely to be home when the delivery arrives. This has a huge impact on the rate of failed deliveries, which saves money and helps keep your delivery plans on track.

  • Keep customers in the loop
  • Message customers right from the app
  • Reduce failed deliveries
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Real-Time Visibility Ensures a Single Source of Truth

Real-time tracking is a crucial part of building trust and confidence into the customer delivery experience. But it’s also an invaluable tool for keeping deliveries on track across your entire operation. When everyone from the dispatcher to the driver to the customer service team is working from the same complete, accurate, and up-to-date information, then everyone can easily work towards the common goal of keeping delivery promises and delighting customers.

  • Provide company-wide visibility
  • Ensure up-to-the-minute data flows
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Illustration of DispatchTrack's real-time visibility dashboard

Track Your Deliveries from a Single Dashboard

Information goes out of date quickly in the last mile—so the last thing you want is to have dispatchers and managers constantly hunting for the right data. That’s why DispatchTrack makes it easy for the entire organization to visualize every delivery run as it’s unfolding.

  • Track the status of each and every delivery at a glance
  • View pictures, notes, and updates
  • Spot exceptions more quickly
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Another illustration of DispatchTrack's visibility dashboard

Respond to Incidents Faster

Real agility in last mile deliveries is hard to come by, especially when your delivery runs are a black box. But when you can see incidents unfolding in real time, you can act quickly to keep plans on track and maintain your promise to the customer.

  • Receive automated alerts and notification
  • Manage exceptions from a dedicated tab
  • Directly message drivers and customers
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An illustration of delivery alerts in the DispatchTrack platform

Seamlessly Connect Your Systems

Working from outdated data in delivery management is a recipe for disaster. That’s why our system is built around connectivity: between drivers and dispatchers, between enterprise systems, and between you and your customers.

  • Enable bidirectional data sharing
  • Enable bidirectional data sharing
  • Create a single source of truth
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DispatchTrack's seamless integration with drivers, dispatchers, systems, and customers

DispatchTrack lets you take control of your deliveries

But don’t take our word for it. Check out what some of our customers have to say about our solutions.

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"DispatchTrack is more than just fleet management, it's customer satisfaction management.

Tony Mitchell

Warehouse General Manager at American Furniture Warehouse.

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