How and Why 3PLs Should Automate Billing and Settlement

Learn How Automation Can Improve Your Cash Flow and Radically Reduce Rework

A lot can happen on the day of delivery. Your delivery team might have to maneuver a couch up a flight of stairs, requiring an extra access charge. Or they might scuff the floor during an appliance installation and need to offer a discount. Traditionally, capturing this information after the fact has been difficult and time consuming—resulting in slow, laborious client invoicing and driver/carrier settlement processes for 3PLs. But as the last mile evolves, billing and settlement are poised to evolve with it. Read this white paper to learn:

  • Why the error rate for processing invoices manually is so high—and what to do about it
  • How to capture access charges and other adjustments automatically across the last mile
  • What impacts an automated billing and settlement workflow can have for your operation
Automate billing and settlement

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Diverse Challenges, One Solution

Every day our customers — retailers, wholesalers, last mile logistics — take on the challenge of delivering on time. All of these operations turn to DispatchTrack to keep the trucks rolling and customers happy.

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Elevate Your Last Mile Logistics Operations

Talk to an advisor about how DispatchTrack can help increase efficiency and transparency.

  • Route optimizer maximizes assets and gives accurate ETAs
  • Instant proof of delivery documented with notes, photos, and GPS timestamps
  • Continuous communication with customers via text, email, and phone keeps them in the loop
  • Mobile app connects you with drivers in real time
  • Automated billing & settlement ensures accuracy and improves billing efficiency
  • Single pane-of-glass dashboard shows status of every truck at a glance

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