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The Last Mile Sustainability Perspective

Despite growing inflation, 77% of companies claim to be prioritizing sustainability or have plans to do so in the coming year. But what do those plans actually look like in practice? Check out our 2022 Last Mile Sustainability Perspective to find out.

Last mile sustainability report


Download the report:

DispatchTrack’s 2022 Last Mile Sustainability Perspective offers quantitative insights into how delivery organizations are approaching sustainability and efficiency in the last mile, based on a survey of more than 140 logistics professionals. The report offers a snapshot of how the delivery industry—from 3PL providers and furniture retailers to food and beverage distributors—is thinking about the intersection of going green and grappling with high costs.

What will you learn?

  • How and why companies are taking on green logistics initiatives
  • Whether electric and semi-electric vehicles will play an important role
  • How the supply chain fits into larger business goals
  • What the top target areas are for improving last mile efficiency right now