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Since 2010, DispatchTrack has been the easy to use and low cost delivery software of choice for companies around the globe to optimize operations, boost customer satisfaction, and raise profitability.

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Over 2,200 companies around the globe trust DispatchTrack to optimize their deliveries.

Strategic Route Planning

  • Static + dynamic routing: Create delivery plans customized to your business with a combination of scheduled static stops and daily dynamic stops from a single solution.
  • Improve profitability: Explore a new strategy and see the cost impact of each delivery decision in seconds with our comprehensive 
  • Satisfy all stakeholders: Rapidly create distribution and territory plans optimized to meet the requirements of customers, drivers, dispatchers, and sales representatives.
Routing console

Rapid AI-Optimized Routing

  • AI is not new to us: DispatchTrack has had AI and Machine Learning built into its core algorithm for years, so it learns and gets even more accurate over time.
  • 98% accurate ETAs: Most routing systems consider only a few variables like stops and traffic. DispatchTrack also chooses the right teams, the right equipment and matches customer schedules.
  • Scale from a few trucks to thousands: Enterprise strength cloud infrastructure allows our largest customers to route thousands of trucks from hundreds of locations in minutes — and then reroute them as needed.

Advanced Driver Mobile App

  • Robust proof of delivery: Check off deliveries item by item, collect signatures, photos and notes and get time/geo-stamped confirmation.
  • Reduce manual processes: Scan items on and off trucks including advanced pallet scanning and interface with COD payment gateways.
  • Work offline: The app keeps working even if there’s no signal; everything updates automatically when a signal is present so you can resume your day.
  • Live 2-way communications: Team members and customers can talk to each other in real time, and automated messaging keeps customers up to date with live ETAs and tracking.
Advanced driver mobile app


  • Single data warehouse: DispatchTrack collects data from every order and delivery and stores it in a single database so you can analyze and uncover new opportunities to optimize.
  • Standard and custom reports: Use our pre-formatted reports to analyze a dozen common KPIs including cost-to-serve and crew performance or create your own to perform custom analyses.
  • Right-size your fleet and track key metrics for compliance: Monitor load factors and capacity utilization as well as driver behavior, ELD, on-time deliveries, cold-chain records and mixed-jurisdiction fuel tax reports to make compliance easier and more complete.
Customer Communications

Improve delivery success rates and radically reduce WISMO calls by keeping the customer informed throughout. Automation ensures notifications are sent at the right time and two-way communications let drivers, dispatchers, and customers talk live in real time.

End-to-End Data Integration

DispatchTrack integrates across the delivery chain. Orders flow in directly or through your ERP so there are no hand-off gaps. Bi-directional API integrates with industry recognized ERP services including NetSuite and SAP, along with many WMS and telematics platforms.

Sales and Service

Extend the customer delivery experience to your sales and service departments. Enable the customer to interact with your front-end team to validate deliveries, confirm next week’s orders, manage returns, and discuss payments.

Unparalleled Visibility

See everything that’s happening, in real time, summarized in easy-to-read graphics on a single screen. Then drill down to every truck, every route and every delivery in the daily execution. Exceptions are flagged so team members can take action before they become problems.


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