Grocery Delivery

As Customers Evolve, Grocery Businesses Need a Way to Deliver

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Deliver Groceries to Customers using Powerful Logistics Software

Deliver Groceries to Customers using Powerful Logistics Software


Whether you plan on offering customers the option for On-demand or Pre-ordering groceries from your store, we have the solution to make it happen.

Our turn-key software empowers operations of all sizes to modernize and deliver groceries to shoppers by simplifying the complex tasks of routing, customer communication, driver management, and more.

You went into business to serve customers at your store, and now you can serve them at home too. Managing delivery and last mile logistics requires state-of-the-art technology to get it done right.

Expand your services and offerings to keep up with customer trends by leveraging our proven logistics platform. You have a great product, a loyal customer base, and now a way to deliver efficiently. Our software also has a robust, integrated app for mobile dispatch with all the tools your driver needs to keep customers informed and deliveries on time.

Professional Delivery Software for Grocery Owners & Operators

Route Optimizer (Routing Engine Adapts to Traffic, Time of Day, Destination) Provides Accurate ETAs, and Utilizes Machine Learning
Easy to Use Dashboard to Monitor Deliveries & Drivers
Contact-free Proof of Delivery
Allows Both On-demand and Pre-ordering
Robust Mobile Dispatch App for Drivers
Tracking Widget for Customers

Learn more about our Grocery Delivery Software in a live, 20-minute presentation.

“DispatchTrack is the only cloud-based solution that uses hybrid routing and continuous optimization to simplify our complex routing scenarios for the best possible solution. This empowers City Line Distributors to meet and exceed our customer’s service requirements at the best possible operating cost.”

— Steven DiZinno

Director of Operation, City Line Distributors

Powering Over 60 Million Deliveries a Year