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Last Mile Customer Experience Redefined

Stay connected and engage with your customers throughout the entire the last mile journey with DispatchTrack’s new customer notification enhancements.

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DispatchTrack's real-time delivery tracking software

Double down on customer delivery experience 

Last mile operators now have unparalleled flexibility to engage with customers 

Maintain an exceptional last mile experience with personalized, relevant, and prompt customer notifications managed with DispatchTrack. Stay connected with end customers throughout the last mile journey with relevant information and images to ensure smooth deliveries and the highest levels of customer satisfaction. 

DispatchTrack’s latest customer notification enhancements include:

  • Custom full-lifecycle communications that can be configured and tailored to scenarios across the entire last mile delivery journey (e.g. in the event of unavoidable delays or missed deliveries), including customer scheduling and rescheduling 
  • Real-time customer interaction via streamlined two-way messaging to stay connected to customers and enable support staff to ramp up on the situation quickly and address their specific needs.
  • Branding opportunities with embedded images into two-way text communication such as logos, marketing, or driver profile pictures 

Our latest features expand DispatchTrack’s already comprehensive suite of customer notifications features, including: self scheduling, order received communications, schedule confirmations, day-of delivery and next stop notifications, delivery feedback, and customer surveys—all of which can be configured and branded to provide exceptional customer service before, during, and after the delivery.  

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Elevated Experiences that Make a Difference

DispatchTrack has always been committed to empowering our users to provide a best-in-class experience to their customers. These enhancements extend to a new scope and new use cases as we continue to work hard and innovate. 

Meet delivery expectations

Make Delivery Experience Your Brand

It’s about more than just moving goods from point A to point B. Even if customers are satisfied with the merchandise, a poorly executed delivery can leave a negative impression that customers remember. Make an exceptional customer experience a key pillar of your brand and value proposition.

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Make It Easy

Your teams are busy, and you want to avoid making things more complicated for them as they communicate about deliveries and deal with exceptions. With our advanced yet easy to use customer engagement tools, we’re making life easier for dispatchers, managers, drivers, customer service reps, and others across the entire last mile fulfillment process.

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Prioritize Customers

Make customers your business’s biggest advocate. Ensure that customer satisfaction is the highest priority for your business and use every opportunity to not just meet, but exceed your customers' expectations and keep them coming back for future needs. 

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“We can't be good, and we can't be great, we have to be exceptional. Partners like DispatchTrack help us get there from mobile to routing and communication; all those components are key.”

Pete Sorrentino

-VP of Delivery & Logistics at Bob's Discount Furniture

The Latest Enhancements for You and Your Customers

Custom Notifications, for The Full Delivery Lifecycle

Custom notifications enable users to send messages to customers outside the usual communications cadence. These can be personalized and tailored to specific delivery situations and sent out as needed, e.g., for delivery scheduling requests, unexpected interruptions, or post-delivery follow-up.

The use of this feature isn’t limited to just unexpected delays. Users have total flexibility in how they configure the notifications and how they define the audiences, meaning the feature can also be used for promotions, mass scheduling requests, and much more.

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Enhanced Branding with Images in Messages

With this enhancement, customers can use embedded images to verify the authenticity of the notification, showcase your brand, introduce drivers, and confirm accurate deliveries. This can go a long way towards enhancing the power of your brand and building trust with your customers.  But this isn’t just a matter of branding. Pictures have been shown to increase engagement in a host of different circumstances, and including images in your communications with customers can help them stand out.

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Real-Time Customer Interaction: Streamlined

To make it easier to stay connected to customers, highlight messages with important notes, and enable support staff to get up to speed quickly when addressing customer needs, we now have a dedicated two-way message center that shows all of your messages and responses to and from the customer in the same place, alongside relevant customer and order information.

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DispatchTrack: For All Your Customer Engagement Needs

Connectivity and accurate information are the keys to successful last mile deliveries. Choose DispatchTrack for all of your customer engagement needs and elevate the customer’s experience with every delivery.

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