Wholesale Distribution

Last-Mile Transportation Management as a Service (TMaaS) for Food & Paper Distribution

Wholesale Distribution

Last-Mile Transportation Management as a Service (TMaaS) for Food & Paper Distribution
Master Route Planning Legacy routing systems are designed to handle a daily set of orders and not Strategic Route Planning. They’re not designed to contemplate the bigger picture of what day(s) you should be selling to, servicing, and delivering to what customers, at what times and at what cycle frequencies. Strategic Route Planning provides the largest “bang for the buck” in route optimization as it tackles your entire go-to-market strategy for your entire delivery cycle.

DispatchTrack delivers where legacy routing systems struggle with planning or force you to create restrictive territories. We also help you design and test templates for upcoming holiday weeks and seasonal fluctuations in your order volume. All of this ensures that you are going to market with the best plan possible.
Daily Hybrid Routing Legacy routing systems may have multiple daily routing strategies like Standard Routing, Dynamic Routing, Zone Routing and even Route Fragments. The router usually selects a strategy and spends hours editing to reflect multiple strategies at the same time. In the end, your legacy routing software becomes nothing more than a calculator for your router to make manual (and expensive) business decisions.

DispatchTrack is the first last-mile cloud solution to use daily (calendar-based) Route Templates that combines Dynamic Routing, Standard Routing, Route Fragments, Set Appointments and Preferred ID Routing into one cohesive routing session. This means that your customers are optimized based on rules, constraints and a combinations of these strategies to provide the very best answer, the first time.

DispatchTrack Routing also allows you to classify customers into Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 levels. You can now make specific time window commitments so that a key customer can be serviced at a consistent and profitable time.

DispatchTrack allows you to plan for scenarios way ahead of time and deploy those scenarios based on calendar days to handle special events and holidays.
Route Advisor™ Wouldn’t it be nice if your software could coach you through each manual move you make? Now you can do this with DispatchTrack’s Route Advisor™

Every move, including late orders, in the route editor is met with a thumbs-up or thumbs-down based on improving costs, meeting delivery time window constraints and maintaining arrival consistency.
Continuous Route Optimization Why wait until 5:00 pm to start working on tomorrow’s routes? With DispatchTrack’s continuous optimization API, you can route a truck right after an order is placed. This allows for smarter capacity planning and seamless transition from taking orders to picking and loading your trucks.
Real-Time Route Execution Cloud & Status Updates In today’s competitive, plugged-in world, User Experience (UX) is everything. Creating the “Amazon experience” for your customers is the difference between your company reputation higher Average Order Volume (AOV) and customer retention. Yet, most companies using legacy dispatch software can’t share delivery and arrival time events with their customers in real time. Nor can they manage their driver’s performance against their plans.

1 in 4 Amazon furniture deliveries is run through DispatchTrack’s Route Execution Cloud. In 2016, we communicated accurate and predictable delivery times to over 26M customers. We can do this because we use real-time traffic and predicted events to review your trips at each stop and in-between stops in one-minute intervals. Most systems are blind once you’re back on the road.

DispatchTrack optimizes trips during the day and we allow you to manage your drivers’ performance based on the revised plans for a meaningful coaching session.
Mobile Digital Delivery & DVIR Before the truck even drives away, your customer can now receive an emailed confirmation, a photo of the delivery and a reconciled receipt.

DispatchTrack simplifies the entire delivery process and dramatically improves productivity with our simple, intuitive mobile point-of-delivery solution. Our mobile apps are ready to run on any iOS or Android smartphone.

Just like your Amazon home delivery, your customers clearly see a summary of their items on our app and simply sign right there — which means you get paid faster. And, by eliminating manual data entry, reconciliation, filing and paper processing, you can dramatically improve your office productivity as well.

Imagine solving your next customer dispute armed with digital delivery images, signatures and GPS arrival times. Text or email communications and surveys will improve your ability to resolve issues, even before they happen.
Mobile Sales Intelligence Wouldn’t it be a game changer if your sales team received alerts about their customers’ arrival and delivery events? Imagine if they could meet the truck at the delivery with the click of one button.

We keep your operations and sales departments in alignment towards your company’s ultimate goals of providing flawless service at a profit. Sales can now see their account’s in real-time to ensure promises are being kept. They can ensure that their customer’s first-delivery impression is positive. And, they can review service ordering history to level-set expectations.

Sales can also see who’s ordered for the day and who still needs to be contacted to ensure operations has all their daily orders before it’s too late.
Machine Learning Legacy systems simply don’t have the juice to manage modern predictive analytics. DispatchTrack employs advanced machine learning to do the heavy lifting on:
Calculating accurate service times for each customer
Traffic Models for each street segment
Customer ordering habits and volumes
Since 80% of your driver’s day is spent delivering products, it's critical to accurately predict the service time based on the day’s order volume, customer type and service type. Why not avoid customer service nightmares and missed opportunities by creating route time predictions that you can share with your customers and manage your drivers.
MAPMatrix If you have used legacy routing software, you know the drawbacks of having to pay to update your map databases only to see that streets are still missing and that the processing time takes far too long, especially if you’re using rush-hour modeling or are routing for a large geographic area. You also know that multiple map and data vendors for geocoding, visualizations, historic traffic, time/distance calculations and street attribution is clunky, expensive and complicated.

DispatchTrack’s MAPMatrix is Google Geospatial embedded for geocoding, advanced visualizations, time/distance calculations, street attribution and real-time traffic. We didn’t just stop there, we now offer machine learning on every street segment in North America, real-time weather overlays, and ten (10) rush-hour traffic models over a large geographic area. This generates routes that you trust for extreme accuracy and improved driver performance standards.
Active Alerts & Imbedded Tracking Widgets It's no mystery why Amazon has stratospheric popularity. They have changed the game on UX by delivering on their promises and over-communicating with their customers. This level of game-changing service is now available to food distributors using DispatchTrack.

Visualize sending out an automated, branded email after your customers’ place their order. Using our simple tracking widget, they can track their deliveries in real-time. This would short-circuit that dreaded “where’s my truck” call to your CS department.

Our Active Alerting sends intelligent & contextual text messages or emails to your customers alerting them:

• That they just placed an order

• The truck is on its way; The truck will be the next stop

• Delays or route updates

• Order execution or rejection
Customer Surveys & Social Reviews A silent and unhappy customer is your worst nightmare. Why not send them a simple text after their delivery is executed and ask them for some feedback. This is especially important for your new customers getting a first-time delivery.
Telematics, IFTA Reporting, Hours of Service DispatchTrack is fully integrated with Geotab for: • truck/engine events

• driver behavior

• coaching opportunities

• engine idling

• certified eLogs
Programmable API DispatchTrack provides an open REST API that allows you to import orders from your systems. Whether your system exports data as an xml feed, CSV file or an EDI update, DispatchTrack is able to easily integrate in real-time, allowing software a seamless data flow.
Futureproof Architecture With DispatchTrack, you are always on the most recent version, yet we allow for system customizations.

Our Food TMaaS is a born-on-the-web, multi-Tenant SaaS cloud application with Custom Logic Plug-Ins. Like salesforce.com, DispatchTrack is a true future-proof architecture with the ability to enhance the logic to meet the unique requirements of your business. Do you use a special formula to pay your drivers and/or have a unique logic to calculate service times? Not a problem with DispatchTrack.
One Certified Device in the Truck – For Everything! For companies who comply with the HOS mandate for eLogs, but also want to employ mobile digital deliveries with reconciliation, signature capture and OS&D business process, your truck will start to look like the cockpit of a fighter jet – and cost as much.

With DispatchTrack, we do everything on one mobile device. And, as long as you’re running android or iOS, we will support your device. No more waiting for a device to get certified only to discover that the device is yesterday’s news. In conjunction with a Geotab GO7 device installed in your truck, your iOS or Android smartphone can do everything from arriving/departing, telematics, eLogs, DVIR, scanning and digital POD.