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Customer experience orchestration with automated calls, texts, and emails

Customer experience is a huge part of boosting brand loyalty and encouraging repeat business. Customers want to be able to schedule their own deliveries, track those deliveries in real-time, and receive real-time notifications before, during, and after the delivery. DispatchTrack offers all this and more with its best-in-class slate of customer experience tools—all of which can be configured to reflect your brand in the best possible light.

“DispatchTrack is more than just fleet management, it's customer satisfaction management.”

Complete, real-time visibility

DispatchTrack’s real-time delivery dashboard acts as the nerve-center of your operations. Users can see the status of every truck, order, and delivery at a glance to immediately home in on what requires attention. From a single screen, you can spot and manage exceptions, contact drivers and customers, and keep tabs on the entire last mile. 

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Empower drivers to capture digital proof of delivery

When you’re delivering to customers, drivers are effectively the face of your brand. That’s why DispatchTrack goes the extra mile to empower them with a connected, streamlined, easy-to-use mobile app. Not only can they access turn by turn directions and send notifications to customers—they can also capture time-stamped/geostamped photographic proof of delivery and signatures to reduce liability and ensure a complete audit trail of each delivery.

“We can't be good, and we can't be great, we have to be exceptional. Partners like DispatchTrack help us get there from mobile to routing and communication; all those components are key.”

Relationships that last with post-delivery follow-up

When the delivery’s over, the experience is just beginning. That’s why DispatchTrack offers post-delivery follow-up in the form of surveys. These can be configured to capture exactly the right data so you can track your CSAT score and spot customers who might need some extra TLC. We even enable you to nudge users to post their positive reviews on Google.

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AI-Powered Route Optimization

For big and bulky items like furniture and appliances, on-time performance has never been more important to customers. To help you keep your ETA promises, DispatchTrack’s routing engine utilizes AI and machine learning to ensure 98% on-time performance—even accounting for differences in service time, time window requests, and other factors. It even maintains efficiency when you allow customers to self-schedule deliveries.

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Studies show that most customers will blame poor delivery experiences on a lack of communication. This is especially true of big and bulky deliveries that might involve some element of setup or installation.

At the same time, one of the biggest factors in whether someone will come to you for repeat business is whether or not you delivered on time. Late deliveries (and even, in some cases, early deliveries) can be inconvenient for everyone involved, and all the communication in the world can’t change the fact that a delivery ran two hours late.

That’s why best-in-class customer delivery experiences are built on delivering at the right time, every time. This means making sure the scheduled time actually works for your customer, keeping them constantly in the loop about when to expect the delivery, empowering real-time customer delivery tracking via a dedicated tracking portal, and showing up right when you promised. To make all that happen, you need connected processes and technologies that are built around making it easy to delight customers from the first touch in the transaction to the last.

Modern customers increasingly see phone calls as an escalation—if they’re picking up the phone to call you about a delivery, something’s already not right. To make matters worse, fielding these calls is incredibly expensive and time-consuming, and for larger operations it might even require a dedicated call center.

When your customers have all their relevant delivery data at their fingertips—i.e. when they can check statuses, ETAs, and more from the comfort of their own devices—there’s no reason to call in to see if an order is on time or to ask about a delivery that’s five minutes late. The result is radically lower call volumes for your staff and a best-in-class delivery experience for your customers.

That’s why DispatchTrack offers a full suite of automated, configurable customer communications capabilities—from confirmation messages and schedule notifications to live ETA alerts to a dedicated tracking portal showing up-to-the-minute order, driver, and delivery data.

For many delivery organizations, tracking customers down via phone to get them to commit to delivery schedules can be painful. It takes 2.5 attempts on average to reach a customer, and even once you’ve reached them there’s a good chance they won’t be ready to pick a date and time to receive their delivery.

From an operational point of view, this slows down the scheduling process and wastes time. At the same time, it also makes it difficult to get the most out of your delivery capacity—after all, certain dates and times are always going to be less popular than others, you may wind up under-scheduled if no one you call will select an 8 AM Monday delivery appointment.

This is an area where the best thing you can do is automate the entire process, including the customer communications. Rather than calling customers manually, you can automatically send them self-scheduling messages once their orders are ready to be scheduled. They can then decide on a time slot at their leisure from the set of options presented. These options aren’t just pulled out of a hat—rather, they’re dynamic, capacity-aware timeslot options that are based on your existing schedules and capacity limitations. The result is that your customers are always choosing from options that fit in with your delivery plans.

One of the biggest factors that contributes to the likelihood of a big and bulky item getting damaged is the number of delivery attempts required to get it to the customer. If, for whatever reason, the customer misses the delivery truck the first time, their order is stuck traveling along the entire rest of the route, then back to the warehouse, where it's unloaded, then reloaded, then delivered again. At every stage, the odds of damage increase.

That’s why first attempt delivery success is so crucial for decreasing damaged items and the costs that come with them. To make that a priority, it’s important to do everything you can to make sure that customer is ready to receive the delivery when the truck arrives. This means making sure you’re delivering at a time that works for the customer and providing them real-time information about their delivery throughout the day—including notifications when the driver has started their route, when their stop is next, when the truck is half an hour away, and when it’s arrived.

It also means arriving on-time as often as possible. To make this happen, you’ll have to rely on your routing technology to generate routes that actually result on on-time deliveries.