The Entire Last Mile Within a Single Solution

In 10+ years of delivery optimization, we’ve learned a lot about how food distributors can boost efficiency.
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Strategic Planning

Planning your last mile strategy requires factoring in variables like capacity, time windows, service times, driver workload, and profitability, and evolving these strategies over time can be  challenging. That's why we offer streamlined strategic planning tools for generating comprehensive delivery plans. By adding AI and SaaS technology into the mix, we help you do it all in record time.


Route Optimization

Food distributors don’t need to spend weeks developing workable and profitable route plans—in fact, they really can’t afford to. You need to be able to move at the speed of business, and that means generating route plans in minutes and adjusting as needed without disrupting service to your top customers.

DispatchTrack's route optimization allows us to create more efficient routes in radically less time. And the results were immediate. We boosted our route efficiency, which translated into immediate savings.


Automated Delivery Costing

You can’t optimize what you can’t measure—which is why far too many food distributors wind up making stops that lose them money. Getting your profit and loss sheet back in shape starts with automated delivery costing at the planning stage. When you can predict costs, you can plan to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. 

“DispatchTrack’s routing has helped us to utilize equipment significantly more efficiently... Now, we can actually take on more customers with the same equipment thanks to DispatchTrack.”

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Across Roles and Functions

Successful deliveries don’t happen in a vacuum. They require close connections between planning and execution across functions. That means delivery, sales, and other roles need total visibility and coordination across the entire last mile journey. We offer routing for shuttle drivers, support for backhauls, and visibility across multiple roles to empower planning and execution across functions within a single solution. 


Unprecedented Levels of Customer Service

Distributors need to keep customers happy even as their needs evolve and their orders become less predictable. That means leveraging AI-powered planning to ensure that you deliver at the right time, every time—and backing it up with total visibility and dependability via automated customer notifications and live delivery tracking.

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When our 2,500+ global customers make promises to their customers, we make sure they deliver. As a SaaS-native platform, we’re quick to deploy, quick to innovate, and totally committed to powering digital transformations for our food distribution customers.


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SaaS is a better choice for almost all food distributors. On-premise solutions were popular in the past, but the emergence of cloud-based SaaS routing solutions has highlighted their drawbacks. Vendors of on-premise solutions can be slow in rolling out new features, and each roll-out requires your IT team to install and implement it at every branch, resulting in interruptions and cost overages.

Yes, a seamless end-to-end delivery solution has many advantages. It streamlines delivery planning and execution by putting the whole process into one platform that your entire staff can work off of. Using multiple modules to cover a cohesive process leads to inefficient execution and data and decision-making silos. 

Because it is a fully cloud-based SaaS application with extensible APIs, DispatchTrack is easy to implement and integrate into your existing tech stack, as we have done for over 2,500 customers. We have a track record of helping our customers to roll out to large numbers of locations seamlessly within a few months, and our software is easy-to-use, which means training and onboarding are a matter of day, not weeks or months. 

With software that can generate and adjust route plans quickly without losing efficiency, distributors able to set multiple blueprint plans to handle "normal" weeks as easily as weeks (such as holidays) that are predictably different. Different plans can be activated when needed.  Many other solutions make this kind of planning slow and cumbersome and it rarely gets done. DispatchTrack allows you set up model plans and test them for efficiency and profitability in advance, then make dynamic changes to them each time they're run.