A Better Option for Your Last Mile

Is the status quo really good enough? Discover the next generation of last mile technology with DispatchTrack’s future proof platform.
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Are you keeping pace?

Most legacy solutions are failing to meet modern needs.
Much of the technology behind legacy last mile delivery solutions is decades old. Since then, customer expectations have changed, operations have gained more complexity, and teams have become reactive, instead of proactive.

"DispatchTrack's route optimization allows us to create more efficient routes in radically less time. And the results were immediate. We boosted our route efficiency, which translated into immediate savings."

It’s not just about delivery. It’s about the experience.

DispatchTrack is the modern solution built for today’s last mile delivery.

Next generation routing Flexible routes generated, simulated, and optimized in seconds
Full life-cycle communications Proactive customer notifications configured and sent automatically
Real-time visibilityGet ahead of unexpected changes and stay responsive to customers

Future-proof technology

Avoid the constant maintenance and costly upgrades that come with running on-prem legacy technology. DispatchTrack has always been a cloud-first SaaS platform–continuously evolving with each release.

  • Multitenant SaaS with a dynamic roadmap
  • No maintenance, manual upgrades, or difficult integrations
  • Speed and performance to scale with your business

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All-in-one platform

From the DC to the customer site, we support all aspects of your last mile operations and every team member involved in its success.

  • Avoid integrating multiple disparate modules and technologies
  • Provide end customers a cohesive experience from order to delivery
  • Access insights and data across your entire last mile operation

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Cost aware

New customers, new orders, and new routes have an impact on your bottom line. Gain visibility into the economics of every delivery.

  • Automated delivery costing to determine route profitability
  • What-if simulations to assess future costs to deliver
  • Comprehensive reports for planned vs actual performance

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Easy to use

The value of technology lies in how effectively your teams can utilize it. With last mile delivery increasing in speed and complexity, give your team easy and intuitive interactions with the technology the use every day.

  • Pre-built workflows and custom views for all roles and functions
  • Intuitive, modern UI/UX to expedite adoption and usage
  • Connected mobile apps for sales, merchandising, and service functions

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Stuck with outdated technology? We can help.

Learn how you can quickly and easily migrate from your current system to DispatchTrack:

  • Lightweight implementation
  • Guided change management
  • Ongoing customer success support