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DispatchTrack ties together the critical elements of your delivery process, so that you can delight your customers every time. Intelligent routing ensures trucks are optimally loaded and stops are efficiently sequenced. Multi-device communications keep your dispatchers, drivers, clients, and customers connected while robust proof-of-delivery integrates with billing and settlement.

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How it works


A schedule everyone can keep

DispatchTrack allows your retail clients, customers, and dispatchers to work together seamlessly to set schedules. Our Reservation System allows advanced delivery scheduling and retail clients can even send out reservation notifications.


Routing that won’t have you going in circles

Trucks aren’t fuel efficient but your routing can be. DispatchTrack’s routing engine integrates all of the variables from client preferences to enroute changes and gives dispatchers and drivers the optimum route. Fewer miles driven means lower delivery costs, faster deliveries, and more satisfied customers.


Talk to me!

Integrated real-time multi-device communications keeps everyone on the same page. It takes an average of 2.5 phone calls to get a customer on the phone; DispatchTrack keeps track of everyone’s preferences -- phone, text, email -- pushes notifications to the right device and collects confirmations.


Proof plus payments -- done

DispatchTrack integrates robust proof-of-delivery with automated billing and settlement. Drivers add notes and photos that document how, when, and who, DispatchTrack connects with your client’s billing and settlement software so you instantly prove the job is complete and get paid by your client faster.


Complete transparency

The customer and the retail client both have visibility into every step of the process, tracking their delivery in real time and seeing every change to ETA. A delay in delivery is annoying but understandable; a delay the customer didn’t know about is infuriating. DispatchTrack sends push notifications to everyone on their preferred device so there are no surprises.

Ferguson Case Study

Scaling a brand’s values

Ferguson had a vision for bringing full transparency to their customer delivery experience. They took the reins and designed an end-to-end last mile solution that upgraded their process, tools, and service. All while integrating 3PL providers seamlessly.


Delivering success with luxury white glove

Delivering that new couch or gleaming refrigerator is all in a day’s work for you, but it’s a big event for the end customer. They’ve purchased a luxury product, and they want to be treated as luxury buyers. The delivery crew represents the retailer as well as the manufacturer’s brand. Keeping in constant communication with the customer and allowing self-scheduling of deliveries gives them the power to improve their own experience, increasing satisfaction for customers and boosting your retail client’s brand.

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Super SaaS

All you need to get started is the app and a browser. A smartphone puts all of DispatchTrack’s features in the palm of your drivers’ hands, and it’s always up to date with routing capacity that grows with your needs.


Enterprising security

From small shops to super-sized operators, DispatchTrack scales brilliantly combining simplicity with powerful features. And it's worry free: we comply with all major enterprise security standards.