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J.B. Hunt
98% Deliver

How it works


Multiply your business

With DispatchTrack, all you need to start working with a new retailer is an activation code. Our browser-based tools enable easy integration, so a retailer can use many 3PLs and 3PLs can have many clients.


Really intelligent routing

Forget benchmark-based estimates, DispatchTrack's routing engine learns from the actual time your drivers spend loading, driving, and delivering so its routing gets better and better. Hitting 98% of scheduled two-hour windows becomes as routine as checking the oil every morning.


Real-time communication — really

DispatchTrack connects your drivers and dispatchers with each other and the customer on many devices in real time. When traffic slows down or a client cancels, dispatchers foresee the hurdles, drivers get new instructions, and the customers get accurate updates on their delivery.


Detailed delivery documentation

Drivers and installers can document deliveries with photos, notes, and signatures. A steep staircase the customer forgot to mention and the joy of having their new entertainment system assembled perfectly can both be permanently recorded and shared with your client. And when the job is done and the customer signs, all systems are updated automatically.


Accurate billing and quick settlement

Are delays straining your cash flow? DispatchTrack automatically integrates proof-of-delivery with billing, so retailers can settle bills quickly, in many cases, overnight.

Ferguson Case Study

Scaling a brand’s values

Ferguson had a vision for bringing full transparency to their customer delivery experience. They took the reins and designed an end-to-end last mile solution that upgraded their process, tools, and service. All while integrating 3PL providers seamlessly.


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