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In today's market, everyone is competing with billion-dollar brands who are changing customer service expectations. Your business is left with two choices, meet or exceed these new standards. Maybe it’s time to upgrade your tool box?

The Right Software Makes Your Service Shine

The Customer Self-Scheduling tool gives customers the ability to choose their delivery date through an automated text or email that presents multiple options they can choose with one-click.

24-Hour Call Ahead is an automated voice call to customers reminding them of their delivery window a day before the goods arrive. Even with all of today's technology, customers appreciate this simple courtesy.

Our Tracking Widget lets customers check in on their delivery truck with a live ETA sent out via email or text on the day of delivery. They can see the truck icon progress like a video game map, providing a transparent experience.

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Our logistics solution optimizes your routes, makes driver scheduling and management a snap, all while keeping your customers informed from start to finish.

What You Can Do with DispatchTrack


Route Optimization

Route hundreds of deliveries of calls in minutes. Boost efficiency to save on fuel and labor costs.


Operational Visibility

Dashboard gives you clear, 360° real-time data. See every update, delivery and signature.


Customer Service Tools

Let customers self-schedule their deliveries via text or email. Give them live ETAs with our Tracking Widget.

Complete Delivery Logistics Software

Are you using a logistics program to help you plan and execute your work?

If not you’re missing out on more control, efficiency and possible revenue.

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