DispatchTrack Delivery
Real-Time Visibility “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”, the saying goes. But in a field-based delivery operation, even when your drivers are out of sight, you really want to know what’s going on. DispatchTrack provides real-time visibility into your mobile field operation so that you can be assured that everything is going on smoothly, and if there are exceptions, you are able to handle them pro-actively.
GPS updates
Real-time status and ETA
Exception Alerts
Scalable Solution As your business grows, you want your IT systems to automatically scale. DispatchTrack works for any size organization and even grows with your organization no additional implementation overhead. With a system that grows along with you, DispatchTrack is the ideal forward-looking solution for you.
Automated Route Optimization With rising fuel prices, it is imperative that your trucks take the most economic route in order to contain operational costs. Creating those fuel-efficient routes manually can take a lot of time, especially if you have a large fleet. DispatchTrack’s state-of-the-art route optimizer can create optimized routes for the entire fleet in just a few minutes. With your dispatcher’s precious time freed up from all those calculations and computations, they can focus on operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Customer Communication A well-informed customer is a happy customer. Automatically send out calls, emails and text messages to your customers with their delivery schedules and also allow them to track their deliveries online so that they can better plan their day. DispatchTrack automates the entire communication process and provides an elegant solution to keep your customers in the loop.
Cloud Computing DispatchTrack Cloud-based architecture allows you to achieve economies of scale. Your personnel can focus on your client needs rather than managing IT infrastructure.
Minimum setup time
No investment in server-level hardware
No maintenance or upgrade overhead.
Mobile Application on Android and iPhone/iPad DispatchTrack does not require specialized hardware. Popular mobile devices that are easily available in the market are supported, so that you can maximize your savings by working with the same mobile retailers that you already have relationships with. DispatchTrack is supported on all Android tablets, Android phones, iPads and iPhones.
Telematics Driver safety is critical. We don’t want the driver to get into trouble because of bad driving habits. Any accidents can even cause unnecessary expensive liabilities to the company. In order to ensure driver safety, you need to monitor their driving habits. DispatchTrack gives you real-time data about the driver and the truck so that you can send out any corrective instructions right away and potentially avoid unnecessary accidents.
Fully Integrated Solution Having a fully integrated solution means you only have to enter data once. This means less operational time, fewer manual errors and improved data integrity. DispatchTrack’s open architecture has been built to fully integrate with your existing systems. All standard formats including CSV, XML, EDI are supported.
DOT Compliance As commercial truck drivers it is utmost important to maintain the necessary paperwork for good CSA score. But the driver logs, especially calculating daily and weekly limits can be difficult and if there is an inadvertent violation, the consequences can be quite unpleasant. DispatchTrack gives you the ability to maintain driver logs electronically and keep them ready to present it to the officer.
Billing Automation For 3PL providers and also the retailers who work with the 3PL providers, billing can be a very tedious and adds to operational expense. DispatchTrack’s Billing Manager automates the entire billing process and calculates the revenues and settlements so you don’t have to spend that time. It reduces revenue loss that may happen due to manual errors, inaccuracies. Additionally, it provides the much-needed transparency so that there are no questions about any invoices.