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Fuel Savings

Mileage Per Truck (miles per gallon) Miles
Fuel Price Per Gallon USD
Average Miles Per Day Per Truck Miles
Mileage Savings Per Day Through Optimized Routing and Turn-by-Turn = 10% Miles

Total Fuel Savings Per Month $120.00

Improve Office Staff Efficiency

Hourly Rate of Office Staff USD
Hours Saved Due to Automated Efficient Routing and Dispatching Hours
Hours Saved Due to Efficient Real-Time and Accurate Monitoring Hours

Total Monthly Savings on Office Staff Time $390.00

Reduce Time on Customer Communication

Hours Saved Due to Customer Self-Scheduling Hours
Hours Saved Due to Automated Pre-Call for Confirmations Hours
Hours Saved Due to Auto-Attendant and Online Order Tracker Hours

Total Monthly Savings on Customer Communication $720

Mobile Resource Efficiency

Hourly Rate of Mobile Resources USD
Resources Efficiency Per Day Due to Optimized Route (10% efficiency) Hours
Resources Efficiency Due to Real-Time Monitoring and Communication (10% efficiency) Hours

Total Monthly Savings Due to Mobile Resource Efficiency $480.00

Your Estimated Monthly Reduction



*The calculator shows the estimated savings based on trucks operating 20 working days for one month.

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