Remote (India)

Job Description:

As a DevOps Engineer, you will be responsible for managing our production cloud environment. You will establish configuration management, automate our infrastructure and implement continuous integration to ensure quick development and release of software.

The ideal candidate will take ownership and pride in one’s performance and its impact on the company's success in implementing and improving monitoring and alerting systems. You will also build, scale and maintain highly available systems and implement the CI pipeline and have critical thinking and problem-solving skills. You should have great interpersonal and communication skills to coordinate with various functions and be flexible to ensure success in what you do as DevOps Engineer.


  • Experience in managing Linux based infrastructure
    • OS - Centos
  • Understanding of how various systems work
  • Write scripts and automation using Ruby/Python/Java/Bash
  • Strong knowledge in any cloud environment
  • Strong knowledge about the deployment of tech stacks and their performance
    • Rails (Nginx, Phusion passenger), Node js, Redis, Elastic Search
    • ELK
    • Load balancers
    • Any Message queues (RabbitMQ)
    • Cross platform open-source log distribution and collection using any tools
  • Manage source control including GIT
  • Experience in any CI/CD tools (bonus points for Jenkins)
  • Database - MySQL
  • Experience in containerization and orchestration of tech stacks in cloud
    • Docker Images and containers
    • Rancher, Kubernetes
  • Flexible in work time, being available in different shifts as needed to handle emergencies


  • First class Bachelor's Degree in Engineering/MCA
  • 6 + years of experience in managing production cloud environment

Please email jobs@dispatchtrack.com to apply.