Our Story

DispatchTrack started with the mission of simplifying and saving money on complex delivery operations costs, providing real-time connectivity and communication to all parties involved, and improving customer communication, thereby significantly enhancing the experience for the customer, dispatcher, and driver.

We started with the furniture industry, and now we are servicing several more, including wholesale food distribution, paper distribution, pool service, florist distribution, garage door deliveries, party rental deliveries, and more. DispatchTrack’s customer base has expanded internationally. We currently service over 35 million deliveries a year, and we are continuing to grow.

DispatchTrack is a privately held company, based out of San Jose, California, with offices also in Charlotte, Hyderabad, and Mysore.


Our Vision

With the highly connected world, where nearly all businesses are available literally at the customer’s fingertips, an efficient delivery process is a competitive advantage. With social media, customers are able to voice their opinions to a trusted broad audience instantaneously. We now live in a world where the customer has more choice and a more powerful voice. The customer is saying, "Respect my time, be communicative and transparent, and keep my costs reasonable." Complexities such as the volume of transactions, number of handoff points, and real-time traffic make it hard for delivery companies and service organizations to meet the new demands of customers and stay competitive.

DispatchTrack aims to help your organization provide service that is  predictable, transparent, and efficient.

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