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Contractors must manage deliveries to keep their schedules on track. When you're their lifeline for building supplies, their problems are your problems.

From the moment builders make an order, they expect a high level of transparency, punctuality, and above all, coordination with every delivery and installation. How do you balance these competing demands without sacrificing efficiency and control in your own business? Let us show you how our modern last mile software can help.

Last Mile Delivery Excellence

Successful building supply retailers can be flexible while keeping their word and time schedules on track. Here's how.

Efficient Routing Delivers On-time

DispatchTrack's enterprise-grade routing engine beats complexity by choreographing delivery resources with inventory and truck capacity, all while honoring appointments on the books. We process thousands of non-recurring routes for complicated deliveries and installations within minutes. Machine learning algorithms continuously improve performance and predictability, keeping customers informed about their delivery in real-time.


Contractors manage complex schedules and want materials and appliances to show up exactly when planned. DispatchTrack lets contractors self-schedule their materials for a time that works best for them while solving order matching between inventory and delivery capacity in real-time on your end. This is when well-planned and executed integration shines..

End-to-end Delivery & Installation Workflow

Delivering supplies and appliances can be a complex process requiring several steps, e.g., pre-inspection, delivery, installation, and documentation. DispatchTrack offers a workflow that keeps all of these steps documented and verifiable, so you'll know when and where they were finished because they’re fully integrated to your ERP system. Our solution also features new workflow-based forms allowing dynamic input that adapts based on driver entry.

Transparency for All

We built our solution to provide end-to-end transparency from the customer up to executives. Customers can track their delivery precisely. Drivers and installers document conditions, delivery, and, if necessary, damages. Dispatchers can track routes, deviations, and proof-of-delivery. Executives get a constant flow of detailed reporting on job performance and accuracy.


Enterprise Demands Performance, Scalability, and Security

Working with major retailers, we understand the requirements of advanced IT departments. Our algorithms route thousands of dynamic, non-recurring stops every day. As a modern SaaS platform, we also process millions of communications a day between customers and drivers, while being certified for the most demanding enterprise security standards.

No-hassle Scaling with 3PLs

Optimizing operations is hard. To even offer a delivery slot, you first need to match orders with inventory, current commitments, and your delivery capacity. With DispatchTrack, 3PLs can operate as an integral part of your planning and routing engine by downloading our app. As added benefits, our app enforces your POD processes and offers automated driver settlements.


Implementation and Adoption

Ease of use drives adoption. Adoption drives compliance. And compliance drives performance and a consistent customer experience. In the end, everyone wins. If your field teams don't use the software, there is no data, and no way to verify your standards are being met. DispatchTrack rolled out to 1100 distribution centers for a major building supply retailer in three months and achieved a 98% adoption rate.

Ease-of-use is Essential

DispatchTrack is an end-to-end last mile platform for facilitating delivery, installation, and service calls. That means one integrated workflow from purchase to scheduling, routing, and delivery. Dispatchers can route hundreds of stops with a few clicks, while drivers can receive jobs on their device and communicate easily with customers. The customer experience and interactions are simple, with room for customization.

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